August 1 II

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August 1 2017 – 2 images in this slideshow (requires JavaScript). Pentax K20D, 16-45mm, tripod and self timer.

Hello again. Can you see through a wall? Can you see through human skin? X-rays see through solid, or so-called solid objects. There are things in life that exist, and yet our eyes cannot see them. Have you ever seen something startling that others cannot see? Why are some things kept from our vision? Is life a puzzle? I am filled with questions. Sometimes my questions are answered. In my heart, I can tell if the answer is correct. I am my own judge. In a dream, are all the characters really you? Different aspects of you? Do answers come in dreams? One more thing: I grew up in the woods. I understand many things because of the woods. Trees standing together, growing alongside one another, providing so much. I chew pitch gum. On the outside, let’s say of the ponderosa pine, sometimes pitch oozes out. Runny pitch is no good to chew. Hard, brittle pitch is no good. But in between there exists a firm, slightly crusted pitch with such a flavor. This is the pitch I chew. (Log Lady, Twin Peaks)

August 1

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August 1 2017 – 6 images in this slideshow (requires JavaScript). Pentax K20D, 16-45mm, tripod and self timer.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are those who open many eyes. ‘Eyes are the mirror of the soul,’ someone has said. So we look closely at the eyes to see the nature of the soul. Sometimes when we see the eyes – those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that… that have no soul – then we know a darkness, then we wonder: where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless. (Log Lady, Twin Peaks)

My spirit self

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March 27 2017 – 4 images in this slideshow (requires JavaScript). iPhone 6s, full screen setting and self timer.

Fantastic video and this song brings back a lot of memories…

Trees, trees, trees

February 11 2017 – iPhone 6s, full screen setting.

I was walking past these beauties yesterday and it was almost like heaven. Trees are friendly and they care for real, they can never be superficial. I was also reminded to finish my book “Being with trees”.

A special friend

January 7 2017 – iPhone 6s.

I’ll never get tired of this old alder tree even though I have passed this place so many times and stopped by this tree more times than I can count. Some memories are more precious than others… and I visit this place as often as I can.