In nature

July 2

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July 2 2017 – 3 images in this slideshow (requires JavaScript). Pentax K20D, 16-45mm, tripod and self timer.

When you see me again, it won’t be me. (The Man from Another Place, Twin Peaks)

The world is blue

November 28 2016 – From my iPhone 5s archive. Today I received another poem from my friend José and I hope you’ll enjoy the reading;

The world is grey

without the color

of your terrified fate.

The world is blue

without the informal shapes

of the Earth in you.

No world can resist

more and more methane,

this broken atmosphere

in which no-one insists,

so let it flow…

Yet no more white

in that useful snow

up their nose,

up ours,

down mine…

And the world is now inconvenient,

no human being believes anymore

in that old-fashioned concept of resilience:

C’mon, let it die!

Die indeed

in your arms,

always free,

never adored,

sometimes your god

sometimes theirs.

Besides, remind me that

the world is grey

and blue,

and whiteness has just been massacred

by the persistent guns

of everyone’s

infantile disdain.

(© José)