My thoughts on the inner landscape


We all have an inner landscape, it is within us all – but the inner landscape changes during the years, during life. The inner landscape is creating itself when we are born and it is in constant change, but the foundation of the landscape will always be the same… As life continues, the landscape continues to create itself. All roads in our inner landscape are unique; no inner landscape is exactly alike, it’s just as unique as our fingerprints. It is our own map.

All our memories, all our experiences, everyone we meet along the road of life… Everything we do in life is creating this inner landscape. Everything we go through, all the difficulties and sorrows, all the great moments and happiness’s.

All our memories exist along the roadside just like flowers and you can touch them anytime, you can feel and see them whenever you wish. The inner landscape with all the fields and meadows, all these gravel roads and forests … Suddenly it feels as if the landscape is changing from one day to another. It hurts when the ground erodes; when we are experiencing the loss of our loved ones for example. I lost my Dad on December 28 2014 and my Mom passed away on August 5 2016 (the day before my birthday). Suddenly everything changes. I started to think about all those I have met in my life, all those who are not in my life physically anymore.

I’m standing by a gravel road and I look around. It hurts when the inner landscape suddenly feels both barren and lifeless. But deep down I know that the inner landscape is constantly changing and I know that I, eventually, will discern the meadows and the forests again. And I know I will be able to see all the memories along the gravel roads again.

I believe this inner landscape is the one we see when we are about to pass away, this is the one we see when we are going through the tunnel of light; the inner landscape is created for this purpose, being played as a film when our time has come. I also think we will see things from this inner landscape-film that we have forgotten all about or didn’t remember during life, but for some reason it is stored deep down inside of us all.

(A special thanks to my dear friend Mr G).

The photo is from my archive, January 1 2008.


  1. Tack så mycket för att du delade dessa tankar, Malin. Nu tror jag att jag förstår än bättre vad du menar när du talar om “the inner landscape”, exempel på vad du ser framför dig och hur ditt landskap förändras när du vandrar vägen fram.

    Tittar länge på din bild… Som jag har lätt att läsa som fylld av mystik och fantasi. En skogsglänta, med hela paletten, från små hjärtan till dödskallar, grenar och armar. Förtrollande!

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  2. Spännande bild med sina innersta väsen figurer som är tydliga och diffusa om vart annat och som förvandlar sig undertiden man flyttar blicken i bilden, precis som det innersta landskapet hela tiden genomgår en förändring.
    Christer K

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  3. Your words “I started to think about all those I have met in my life, all those who are not in my life physically anymore.” really resonate with me, both in terms of humans and animals, I think about them a lot. In a way, of course, they live on in our minds – but only for as long as our minds live – but even that is far preferable to them not living on at all!

    And I see that your “Related” panel on this post has thrown up a shadow of me dancing up Eastwater Lane – if you want something to smile at, have a look at that post! Insanity is always alive and well … in the warm, vast uncertainesses between my ears … ;) …

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  4. I agree with very much of the things you write, that our inner landscape both stays the same and are in constant changes. Very nice and poetic said of a very tuff and strong subject. I hope you are ok!


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