The assignment; Loneliness – your images

Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis – The title is “Portrait of an Unknown Hillwalker” – I hope that everyone will be able to make out the very small figure on the path at the top of the hill! Visit Adrian’s blog here.

Ashley Lily Scarlett

Ashley Lily Scarlett – Sydney, Australia. Visit Ashley’s blog here.


Feralc4t – Taken near Lyon, France. Visit Feralc4t’s blog here.

Gustav Rappestad

Gustav Rappestad – Location: Åby, Sweden. Visit Gustavs blog here.

Harrie Nijland

Harrie Nijland – 2015, Dark December in Haps, Netherlands. Visit Harrie’s blogs here and here.

Lena Folcke

Lena Folcke – The photo is taken July 15 2015 04: 50 in Kovik, Sörmland (Sweden). Visit Lenas blog here.

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark – Loneliness; the easiest and the most difficult of subjects. Visit Mathias blog here.

Mårten Lundgren

Mårten Lundgren – “A lonely litlte privy… or a place to be alone… thats the question?!” The picture was made on a place called “Pigriver point” in swedish “Grisbäcksudde”. Visit Mårtens blog here.

Paula Graham

Paula Graham – We are all well aware that there is such loneliness amongst the elderly, days go by and they sit there in their little flats. Visit Paula’s blog here.

Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø – January 11 2016. A foggy winter day, cold and humid. Silent. I saw this little white and shiny snowball, all by itself out on the wide and icy winter lake. Pentax K7 and 50mm. Visit Terjes blogs here and here.

Tim Diggles

Tim Diggles – From my series Flat Life which was about loneliness, place, time, there is a link to my whole series on the blog. Taken – 2014 Place – My flat in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent No.3 in a series of 200 called Flat Life. Visit Tim’s blog here.

Thank you all for your contributions. It’s lovey to see everyone’s interpretations on the subject. You can see the last assignments here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


  1. Fick inte ihop någon bild som jag tyckte passade temat. Men kul iaf att se andras bilder och tolkningar. Så intressant att se de olika lösningarna på ett och samma tema. Bra jobbat alla och bra där Malin med denna formen av teman och utmaningar, och en eloge att du släpper till plats på din blogg, generöst.
    Med vänlig hälsning han med dålig fantasi på temat och inte kunde skaka fram en bild att bidra med :)


  2. It’s always very interesting to se all different interpretations on the assignment. I think everybody has done a really good job also this time. So if you look thru the post, we have alot of different and very interesting pictures. Good work everybody! =)

    Thank’s Malin for this assignment!
    You should know that it’s always very educational to do the picture for your assignment. I really look forward to the next one… ;)


  3. Thanks for another interesting assignment Malin! :) I had some plans for this one, but I was not able to make them happen. As always great fun seeing all interpretations. It’s not always easy making an interesting contribution, I feel like I learn a lot from these assignments.


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