The assignment; Loneliness

May 7 2016 3

May 7 2016 – I know some of my readers like the assignments on my blog and I also know some of you miss them so I decided to give it another try… and the theme I have in mind this time is “Loneliness“.  You can see the latest assignment here and the result here and remember; no participants = no assignment.

There’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. I always has been a loner and crowded situations always made me feel uncomfortable, and loneliness makes me feel empty. Loneliness is like searching for something, something unreachable… you just can’t have it. To me loneliness is like a hunger, it hurts a lot and you just want someone to hold you tight until the feeling goes away. I know it’s not easy to interpret this feeling, but I choose this mute swan from the other day when I was sitting in the sun… I met this guy earlier that same day and when I went out later that evening he came up to me again. I watched him swimming, looking for something. He was, of course, looking for something to eat – but I look at it in a different way symbolically. How would you interpret loneliness?

Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight. (Roy Orbison/Only The Lonely)

If you don’t already have a photo, go on out and photograph! Please send your photo to and don’t forget to mark your email “Loneliness”. I’d prefer jpeg format. I want your name (or your alias), location of the photo (not a must) and a link to your blog. Let me know if you prefer if I use your alias instead in the blog post.

Deadline is set to May 31 and I will publish your images on June 1.


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