April 7 III

April 7 2016 10

April 7 2016 – iPhone 5s, self timer.

You think they care, but they don’t. You are nothing, you are a nobody. Say hello… And goodbye. You have lost everything, but it doesn’t matter. You’re nothing but a joke, but it doesn’t matter. Say hello… And good luck. You’re nothing but a freak, but it doesn’t matter. You’ve performed well, but it doesn’t matter. The show must go on and nothing matters. Say hello… And enjoy. You are just a number, but it doesn’t matter. You are nothing but a brick, but it doesn’t matter. No one cares about numbers and bricks. Say hello… And take care. (MEH)


  1. Powerful words, Malin – especially “The show must go on and nothing matters.” >>> I put out a post this morning – “Shop Window, Truro” – that mentions a book you might find of interest in this context. A


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