1. Life’s too big for games. Let the players play one another. Let the winners celebrate themselves. Let’s just turn our backs to face the sun and the rain. (MLK)


  2. Like the picture, my friend, but can’t get into the winners and losers thing – increasingly, its not for me. And some good news >>> don’t know what you’ve done to your blog – given it a good telling off perhaps? … swearing at it is always effective, I find – but emails announcing your posts have once again started appearing in my In Box, which has to be good >>> keep on keeping on! A :)


    1. I noticed that I could change the blog address, so I just added an “e” (malinehphotography instead if malinhphotography) but everything else is exactly the same. I got a bit nervous though when it looked like as if I had deleted it, but everything is in order.


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