The assignment; Order in chaos – your images

Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis – A double exposure of the Hazel tree in our garden, with the beautiful yellow leaves that it has in the autumn. The camera was moved slightly between the two exposures of the colour slide. The whole appears chaotic, but underlying this chaos there is the annual autumn cycle of leaf fall. Visit Adrian’s blog here.

Ashley Lily Scarlett

Ashley Lily Scarlett – Order out of Chaos, 2012. Visit Ashley’s blog here.

Benoit Beaudry

Benoît Beaudry – A beheaded Christ. I took this photo from a decaying statue covered in pigeon droppings in the attic of Chapelle Saint-Libéral (a church built in the 14th century, later converted into an art gallery) in Brive-la-Gaillarde (France) at the time of my one and only european painting exhibition (around 2003). About the theme, I’ll say that, these days, I fail to see any form of order in the chaos of many sad world events… so… Visit Benoît’s blog here.

Graham A Stephen

Graham A Stephen – This is one I took four years ago, and there are more from that series here. Visit Graham’s blog here.

Gustav Rappestad

Gustav Rappestad – Reaching out, Norrköping, Sweden. Visit Gustavs blog here.

Harrie Nijland

Harrie Nijland – Thin. Visit Harrie’s blog here.

Jörg Kruth

Jörg Kruth – Corridors are an expression of order, though they are hard to recognize as places themself. But with this one I have some memories. Visit Jörg’s blog here.

Kari Jeppesen

Kari Jeppesen – Visit Kari’s blog here.

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark – Order in chaos. Stockholm, Sweden. Visit Mathias blog here.

Mårten Lundgren

Mårten Lundgren – Visit Mårtens blog here.

Robin Down

Robin Down (aka northumbrianlight) – It was taken in an abbey somewhere in Tuscany in September 2001 – precisely where I cannot remember. We were headed south to Ravello on 9/11 and some of images I produced at the time were influenced by that dreadful event. Visit Robin’s blog here.

Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø – This image is from outside Mullsjö this year, February 15. I made it from a running train with a long shutter-speed, 1/6 second. We see two trees seeking contact in a turbulent world. Two individuals seeking order in chaos. Visit Terjes blogs here and here.

Victor Bezrukov

Victor Bezrukov – Visit Victor’s blog here.

Thank you all (once again) for your contributions. It’s fantastic to see everyone’s interpretations on the subject. You can see the last assignments here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


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