The assignment; The silence – your images

Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis – “The silence after the death of a pianist. The gravestone of my friend, an accomplished pianist, with a piano keyboard sculpted across its top.” Visit Adrian’s blog here.

Graham A Stephen

Graham A Stephen – More info here. Visit Graham’s blog here.

Gustav Rappestad

Gustav Rappestad – Silence can make a great conversation between close friends. Location: Norrköping, Sweden. Visit Gustavs blog here.

Harrie Nijland

Harrie Nijland – I once was truly focused on ‘Silence’. It was on a Festival at an activity called ‘Silent Disco’. People were disco-dancing with headphones on, in a music-less, silent room. Pretty weird. Without a headphone on you were definitely an outsider. After some shots of dancing people, who could only have visual contact with each other, I started to wonder: what is the crux of what is happening here. For me it was ‘Silence’. But how do you capture silence. And then there was that unexpected, senseless moment. A woman was standing in a dark corner of the room. The light touched the profile of her face. The rest was pretty dark, with a window in the background with a black lace curtain. In the computer I enhanced the contrast of the white face profile against the dark background; and I made the headphone a bit more visible. In the absence of detail and the very thin profile-line is ‘Silence’ for me. Visit Harrie’s blog here.

Jörg Kruth

Jörg Kruth – I took this at nighttime standing at a station in the countryside. Visit Jörg’s blog here.

Karina Jeppesen

Kari Jeppesen – “All those places Where I recall the memories That gripped me And pinned me down I go to these places Intending to think To think of nothing No anticipate And somehow expect You’ll find me there That by some miracle You’d be aware” (P.J. Harvey, Silence) Visit Kari’s blog here.

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark – The silence. Location: Stockholm, Sweden. Visit Mathias blog here.

Mårten Lundgren

Mårten Lundgren – This is my picture to the assignment “The silence”. The picture was taken some days ago in the evening. The place were I made the picture is Kolmården (as usual). Visit Mårtens blog here.

... since the 14th Century

Robin Down (aka northumbrianlight) – A detail from one of a pair of life-sized tomb effigies in Hexham Abbey – ‘unknown 14th century women’ – a long time silent. Visit Robin’s blog here.

Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø – This image is from a summer evening at Sandön, outside Ängelholm in Skåne. It was one of those calm and warm summer evenings. In the front it looks like a sleeping dog, just to strenghten even more the feelings of “silence” or “resting”. Visit Terjes blogs here and here.

Tim Diggles

Tim Diggles – My photograph for Silence is one of my Flat Life series, 200 photographs taken in my flat in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, in 2014. Visit Tim’s blog here.

I would like to thank you all (once again) for your contributions. It’s fantastic to see everyone’s interpretations on the subject. You can see the last assignments here, here, here, here, here, here and here.


      1. Yes, not too easy, a challenge I good! I think I found this one too hard is because I’m always searching for silence and very rarely finding it. I’m looking forward to the next assignment even more than usual!


  1. …so many stories to take in…Thank you again, dear Malin – for this wonderful idea!!
    …and I hope to continue to feed the monster… (…smiling and smiling…)

    Good egg hunt!!


    1. Agreed, Kari! And there will be another one… and another one. I will continue – as long as there are enough participants. (Smiling back at you).


  2. Yes, another excellent crop of images, my friend. I wonder if you can help – I’d like to try following Martin Lundgren’s blog for awhile but I don’t speak the language and can’t find the “Follow” button – where is it??? Also very much like Ashley’s thoughts about sending you a black or a white rectangle!!! Hope you’re fine, Malin – a very good Easter to you and Terje. Adrian


    1. Agreed, my friend.

      Mårten Lundgren is blogging on blogspot and there’s no follow button like the one we have on wordpress. Check the column on the right, “prenumerera” (subscribe) – there are different alternatives there or you can just bookmark his blog on your computer.

      I’m fine, thank you – and a very good Easter for you as well.


    1. Yes, it’s both wonderful and fascinating to see all interpretations together like this. I’m very impressed.


  3. To capture silence in an image is the same as as words,I really love all of these interpretations,it a great series,great assignment,thank you Malin
    Have a great weekend you’ve done it again
    As always Sheldon


    1. I completely agree with you, Robin.

      Phew… I’m so relieved to hear that, Robin. (Your image is stunning). :)


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