The assignment; Connection – your images

Ashley Lily Scarlett

Ashley Lily Scarlett – Bella and Me. Visit Ashley’s blog here.

Benoît Beaudry

Benoît Beaudry – I think I could easily (but still, humbly) write a voluminous thesis on «connections»! But I’ll try to keep it simple… :) Malin likes Pink Floyd. Ben likes Pink Floyd also. Denis «Piggy» D’Amour (the deceased and highly underrated guitarist from the Canadian band Voïvod) liked Pink Floyd too (to the point that he once met and covered them; on a few records). Ben never met any members of Pink Floyd (up close), but Ben met Denis «Piggy» D’Amour a few times. What’s more? Dan «Chewy» Mongrain replaced Denis «Piggy» D’Amour in Voïvod; after his death. Dan «Chewy» Mongrain now teach guitar in Joliette (the town I was born and lived in all my youth). Ben never met Dan «Chewy» Mongrain, but Ben once had a drummer named Yan «Berlu» Berlati who once met Michel «Away» Langevin (the drummer from Voïvod) so, Ben is connected to Pink Floyd in many different and not so distant ways… and well, by means of computer correspondence with Ben, so is Malin. «We are connected… we are connected…» These words come from the intro of an album by Voïvod (released in 1987). And on the 27 January of 2015, just a few days ago, they released a brand new musical piece titled «We are connected»! So, in the context of the words above, the photo I share with you seems ridiculously staged, but it’s not at all; I just looked at the date on my computer; realised that Malin’s deadline was coming, turned my rolling chair to get my camera… and there it was; my modest «connection». My attic studio, Métis-sur-Mer, Gaspésie, Québec, Canada. Visit Benoît’s blog here.

Diana Buzoianu

Diana Buzoianu – I found your idea for February assignment very interesting. Visit Diana’s blog here.

Graham A Stephen

Graham A Stephen – For me this particular shot symbolises Connection on two different levels: first physical connection with the world through touch; and second, the family connection in the photographer/subject relationship. Visit Graham’s blog here.

Gustav Rappestad

Gustav Rappestad – Forest of Kolmården. Visit Gustavs blog here.

Harrie Nijland

Harrie Nijland – Just a funny shot to show my connection with Trees. Visit Harrie’s blog here.

Jörg Kruth

Jörg Kruth – Visit Jörg’s blog here.

Karina Jeppesen

Kari Jeppesen – A still frame from my video Horses (2007), I just love this tree so much… (…smiling…) and we did have that…connection… Visit Kari’s blog here.

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark – Me connecting with Madness Location: Stockolm. Visit Mathias blog here.

Mårten Lundgren

Mårten Lundgren – The connection of a relationship. Visit Mårtens blog here.

Robin Down

Robin Down (aka northumbrianlight) – Railway lines always are always about connection and these are connected to each other, top and bottom, A much ‘shopped’ detail from the level-crossing at Haydon Bridge on the line between Newcastle and Carlisle. Visit Robin’s blog here.

Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø – This image is from Stugsund outside Söderhamn in Hälsingland, Sweden. The image (Rail) is from June 2005. Visit Terjes blogs here and here.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions. It’s fantastic to see everyone’s interpretations on the subject. You can see the last assignments here, here, here, here and here.


  1. I am with Ben, on this one!! I felt it was Christmas today, as I run out of bed to see all of this presents… Thank you Malin!!
    …and I have to say my line…When is the next one? you created the beautiful monsters, so now we need more… (…smiling and smiling…)

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  2. An excellent selection, Malin, a high standard, very good to see. Apologies once more for not contributing, my imagination is nor what it was at the moment. My favourite here is certainly Ashley’s – the green nail varnish and those eyes really lift it, its a very striking image; and Kari’s is very unusual, it says a lot. Adrian

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