The assignment; My inner landscape – your images

Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis – “Selfie, dancing along East Water Lane, east of Priddy; 7 Aug 2014. Walking along this lane on a beautiful August morning, and with the prospect of a Full English Breakfast at Priddy Good Farm Shop certainly looming, I balance my camera on my capacious paunch, set Delayed Action, and start singing and dancing: “And I get my kicks… on East Water Lane…”.

And meeting a herd of bullocks and glorying in the memory of Brad Majors: “Say, do any of you guys know how to Madison?”. Of course, acting sensibly is the thing, of course I know that. After all, if we don’t act sensibly, we don’t get any respect, do we? “And I get my kicks………”

D800 with Sigma 12-24 at 12mm; 200 ISO; Silver Efex Pro 2, starting at the High Contrast Smooth preset and selectively restoring colour.”. Visit Adrian’s blog here.

Ashley Lily Scarlett

Ashley Lily Scarlett – A Part Thereof, Sydney, Australia. Visit Ashley’s blog here.

Benoît Beaudry

Benoît Beaudry – My inner landscape must be somewhere between these two images. Quebec, Canada. Visit Benoît’s blog here.

Biswajit Dihidar

Biswajit Dihidar – India. Visit Biswajit’s blog here.

Graham A Stephen

Graham A Stephen – The photograph was taken in July 2012 and its location is Clogwyn y Fuwch Slate Quarry ( in the Gwydyr Forest, North Wales. (Clogwyn y Fuwch is Welsh for Cow Cliff). Visit Graham’s blog here.

Greg M

Greg M – Grimsby, Ontario (from Hamilton). Visit Greg’s blog here.

Harrie Nijland

Harrie Nijland – I chose this shot because there is a lot more going on inside, than outside of me. Dualism; black – white; hard – soft, dark – light. In the outside world I can hide behind my camera and be a spectator. The spectator with the spectacle on the inside… Location: Pyrenees, Spain; a little East from Aren. Visit Harrie’s blog here.

Jill Terry

Jill Terry – I am a child of nature, with an inherent affinity for trees; our breath of life, which possess the power to release energy into and draw it from us. Protecting and watching over us, these glorious guardians born of our Mother Earth. ©2014jillterry. Visit Jill’s blog here and the website here.

John Todaro

John Todaro – East Hampton, NY USA. Visit John’s blog here.

Jörg Kruth

Jörg Kruth – Location: Seto Inland Sea, Japan. Visit Jörg’s blog here.

Karina Jeppesen

Kari Jeppesen – A cityscape, a train station, a journey, memories… This is the Netherlands, a journey between Den Hagg and Utrech!! Visit Kari’s blog here.

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark

Mathias Laitila Kälvemark – Location: Southern Sweden. Visit Mathias blog here.

Terje Hellesø

Terje Hellesø – Location: Hylströmmen, Sweden, 2005. Visit Terjes blog here.

Tim Diggles

Tim Diggles – It’s called Stop loving… It is the title of a poem I have been working on for many years and may be completed in the next few months. The original photograph was taken in 1978 in Los Angeles. I live in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. Visit Tim’s blog here.

Thank you all for your contributions. It’s fascinating to see everyones inner landscape, I hope you all would like to partake in the next assignment. You can see the last assignment Me and the tree here.


  1. …I love this very much, dear Malin… I dream that some of us will meet (in flesh and bone, I mean…) and made a big exhibition all together… (…smiling so much…)
    What I mean…is that I have a great joy in seeing all this images, and you are a great curator!! hahaha…

    Liked by 3 people

      1. …you just have to want it very hard… yesterday I was talking to a friend that had this desire to go to Sweden…soon I will go too, with the ride… I will tell you wen…it´s a start… (…smiling so much to you…)


  2. Mycket roligt att se alla olika tolkningar på temat. Så många bra bilder och duktiga fotografer det finns.
    Många av bilderna som jag föll för var innom den monokroma schangern. Roligt inslag det här på din blogg en variant på “Uppdraget”
    Mvh Christer K


  3. Well, this has gone very well indeed, Malin, I’m really fascinated to the see the breadth of imagery here – so many of them are intriguing! Looking through them again and again, my three favourites have to be those by Biswajit Dihidar (wonderful lighting!), Graham A Stephen (what a striking image!) and Terje (I very much like the eye against the blue landscape).

    And if you had told me a few months ago that I was going to enter an assignment on My Inner Landscape, I simply would not have believed you! Thanks for getting me to do it! Adrian :)


    1. Thanks! I’m very happy to see all these wonderful images all together.
      You’re more than welcome to participate in the next assignment.


  4. Well, this is pretty prosporous to see, Malin, and all of you!…and if there’s some corner left over in your exhibitions and assignments, I’ve to make sure I’ll be part of this again. Excellent works in a great place!


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