1. Thank you so much Mike!
      I’ve been doing this for many years, so I guess I’ve learned something. :)
      This one is from a very short session today and I’m very glad to have her as a model.

      I hope to see some portraits from you later on.


                1. It’s not that hard doing self portraits, I’ve been doing that for many years now. Just put the camera on tripod… and the self timer (or remote control if you have one).

                  I’m doing my self portraits with camera on tripod and the self timer, sometimes I have to use the remote control but not as often as I use the self timer. And I also do self portraits on “free hand” where I’m holding the camera with one hand.


                    1. Okey, so you do know how it works… And if the solo experimentation isn’t going well, maybe you can do some portraits of your partner instead :) I look forward to see some self portraits on your blog.


                    2. Thank you for your kind words about my work.

                      One great tip; it’s all about mind and soul. Focus on what’s on the inside, your feelings and your thoughts. Good luck, Mike!


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