Where my heart is II


July 2 2004 (analogue) – I remember this evening as if it were yesterday… We stopped the car just to enjoy this enchanting view from my home district. A magical and almost spiritual moment.

You can see another one from the same occasion in my blog here. And you can read about Hälsingland here.


  1. I saw your earlier post of this scene, Malin, and liked it very much, and I love this version too. Its very well composed, and wonderfully atmospheric, and I can well believe how it reminds you of home. And, of course, it shows extremely forcefully that photos do not have to be pin sharp throughout – I love the mistiness here and, indeed, wish that I had taken this shot myself – haha! >>> envy creeps in! I hope you’re fine, my friend! Adrian :)


    1. Thank you so much Adrian.
      The original is actually pin sharp – you’ll always lose some of the sharpness when you’re resizing images for the blog/internet and also when you’re uploading images on the internet.
      Oh, you don’t have to envy, my friend. :) The film was Ilford HP5 400, my favourite film at that time.

      I’m fine and I hope you’re fine too, my friend.


    1. Thank you John.
      There is nothing like film (nothing beats the analogue)… The film was Ilford HP5 400, my favourite film at that time.


            1. I have (among other things) Fuji GS645S, Konica T3, Minolta Dynax 700si, Holga 100S and of course film in the fridge – out of date… but still. ;)


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