September 21 II

September 21 2016 – iPhone 5s, self timer.

Never take anyone for granted, because suddenly reality somehow catches up on us, when it turns out that no one lasts forever. You realize that everything can change and nothing remains the same. But time doesn’t stand still, as time passes by everything else changes too. I know deep down that no one lasts forever, I know that no one is the same throughout life… No one lasts forever, but somehow I imagine that everything will stay as it was and be the same. Many of us say they don’t take anyone for granted, but in everyday life and with time in constant motion, it is easy to forget. We are reminded over and over not to take anyone for granted. But after a while, you end up in an everyday route again. Think about it every single day, be grateful and never take anyone for granted. (MEH)

The book Sheldon & I

September 22 2016 – The shipping costs were a bit higher than I expected, so if you’d like to order an ex of my book; the price will be 350 SEK + shipping 159 SEK. (Shipping costs within Sweden 69 SEK).

The book is portrait oriented, 10×8 in, soft cover, 10 oz, paper 5 oz, 84 pgs, aprox 77 images in B/W, the prologue is in English and it is printed in 4/4 för greater depth in the B/W photos. If you would like to buy a book, please send an email to

September 19

September 19 2016 – iPhone 5s, self timer.

There is no reason for your tears
You’re like a scared little girl
There is a cure all for your fears
Look to the light of the world

You’re hiding from yourself (Lyrics from Hiding From Yourself/.38 Special